a new kind of tracker

If you were to build a machine specifically for solar tracking, what would it need to do?


Dramatically reduce
installed costs

Actuation and control are the highest cost components of today’s tracking systems. Together they account for nearly 50% of the tracking system cost.  We replace both with our new approach to tracker design.

Improve overall
land use

Our system is the ultimate in distributed actuation, adaptable to irregularly shaped plots of land without the need to compromise between system costs and performance.  

Durable design
to reduce risk

By eliminating gearboxes, motors, wires, torque tubes, and bearings, we improve system performance by removing the most unreliable components in the system.


Our system uses a repeating unit that is free of mechanical linkages and doesn't require heavy equipment to install. Simplify permitting, construction, and logistics with a tracker that installs more like a fixed rack than a traditional tracker.

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Reporting from the White House Clean Energy
Investment Summit

Sunfolding had the honor of participating in the White House
Clean Energy Investment Summit, where the Obama
Administration announced $4B in...

$1M award from the California
Energy Commission

On May 15, the California Energy Commission (CEC) awarded Sunfolding a $1M grant to support the deployment and testing for its 300 kW test field.