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Smarter Solar Starts with Smart Partnerships


Building Simplified Solar Trackers with DuPont and Martinrea

How do you create the next generation of solar power plant technology? You start with smart partnerships that build brighter solutions.

We partnered with the best and the brightest – leveraging their decades of expertise and experience – to produce an innovative solar tracker with built-in reliability (and the data to back it up). From the materials scientists at DuPont to the automotive manufacturing experts at Martinrea, our solar tracker builds on a foundation of solid partnerships. And our solution is all the better for it.

The components for our system, all of which are made in the US, borrow from real-world applications that are time-tested under rigorous safety and reliability standards. The same materials and know-how that safely stop big-rig trucks and trains now keep solar power plants tracking.

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part. Innovation has to answer to economics; by producing a rugged and simplified solar tracker using modern materials and advanced manufacturing processes, we deliver serious cost reductions for our customers in every phase of a solar power plant’s lifecycle. That’s a win-win for the industry and for the future of smart solar.