We partner with you to optimize every project.

Value-added services

Sunfolding’s in-house experts support you at every step of the project lifecycle. We help optimize site layouts, minimize civil expenses, and collect every photon. We collaborate to streamline logistics and material handling and get crews up the learning curve faster. We are dedicated to operational excellence and lifetime support.

Terrain & topographic analysis

Geotechnical & foundation design

Functional shading analysis

Tracker layout optimization

Pneumatic design

Stamped IFP/IFC drawing sets




Safety planning & coordination

Lean construction

Logistics plan

Golden Row

Onsite/offsite plan set reviews

Aligned Delivery Schedule

QA/QC planning & coordination

Safety planning & coordination

System commissioning

Closeout documentation

Preventative maintenance

Spare parts access

Nationwide O&M partners

Site health communication





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Benefit from data-driven, lean construction expertise

With the Sunfolding Construction Network, get highly coordinated supply and construction teams working together to deliver projects on time, on budget, and in line with quality standards. Improve communication at the project site, command of the construction schedule, on-site logistics, and labor productivity.

Product knowledge & field experience

Higher quality results with OEM involvement.

Project certainty & cost predictability

Better communication between OEM and Mechanical Contractor.

Commercial operation date as scheduled

Quality installations rooted in expertise on variable terrain and soil.

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