Sunfolding T29™ Single Axis Tracker Datasheet

Sunfolding T29™ Single Axis Tracker Datasheet

The Sunfolding T29™ Single Axis Tracker improves project profitability more than any other solar racking product. It does so with a modular design that adapts to site features and streamlines installation and operations.

White Papers

The Power of Air

The Power of Air

Air moves solar trackers better than electricity. Find out how pneumatics, a 360-year-old technology, is accelerating growth in large-scale solar.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

To maximize solar project profitability with bifacial solar, you have to quantify the tradeoffs from changes in module mounting height, ground albedo, and other variables. Download our white paper to learn how can you improve bifacial gain without driving up costs.

The Truth about Site Utilization

The Truth about Site Utilization

Solar projects with the best site utilization can maximize profit margin. But how do you calculate site use? Download “The Truth About Site Utilization” to learn about three design criteria that impact the optimal use of your project site.


Smarter Solar Starts With Smart Partnerships

How do you create the next generation of solar power plant technology? It starts with partners like Dupont and Martinrea.

Getting to the Grid with the California Energy Commission

Prototypes of new energy technology are abundant, but very few make it to the grid and see real-world application.

Expanding the Boundaries of Where Solar Can Go

Sunfolding envisions a world where solar is simple, ubiquitous, and the most economical choice.

Construction Series: Post Installation

Uniform posts are easier on people and equipment.

Construction Series: AirDrive Installation

Fewer components makes for an easier installation.

Construction Series: Air Harness Installation

A simple connection of air.

Construction Series: Purlin Installation

You’ll always have the right tools at the right time

Construction Series: Module Installation

Where every second counts, save minutes.

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