The Sunfolding T29™ Horizontal Single-Axis Tracker

Take Back Your Time. Harness Your Power.

Power through development:
Add up to 20% more capacity and lower your fixed costs.

Speed up construction:
Seriously simplified components help you finish the job 2-3X faster.

Operate with ease:
No wear surfaces and 95% fewer maintenance locations secure your asset ROI.


Goodbye Motors.
Hello AirDrive™.

Sunfolding's AirDrive technology uses one robust and reliable air-based component to replace dozens of electromechanical parts and structural complexity.

Manufactured in the USA  using the most durable materials on the planet, the AirDrive fundamentally simplifies PV power plant infrastructure.


A Streamlined Design to Boost your ROI

Featuring AirDrive technology, the Sunfolding T29 delivers a remarkably streamlined tracker design, with three structural components and two bolt sizes

The Sunfolding T29 swiftly moves you through development to smooth operations and a lifetime of performance, boosting ROI at every phase.


Gain Your Ground (and Your Power)

More Ground. More Power. No Added Costs.

Fill in site areas previously deemed unavailable and give your project more ground and more power without adding costs.

Exceptional Layout Flexibility

Realize up to 20% more capacity with exceptionally flexible row lengths. Capacity constrained? Fine-tune yield by more than 4% with generous row spacing.

Raise your ROI

Lower your fixed costs with a new level of system simplicity and keep your team laser focused on raising your ROI rather than getting bogged down in BOM complexity.

Futurize Your Install

The Power of Three

With three structural components and two bolt sizes, the Sunfolding T29 is the epitome of engineered efficiency and makes each installation step twice as easy and three times faster.

More MWs. Less Time.

Watch your crew power through more MWs in less time with fewer mistakes and the most generous tolerances in the industry.

No Special Tools Required

Zero field welding and no special tools required; snap together off-the-shelf components and set your sights on the sun.

Own Your Future

Trusted and Proven

Power into a secured asset future with the most durable materials on the planet and an actuator that has hundreds of years, and counting, of without-fail performance.

Nothing but Uptime

One durable, maintenance-free actuator translates to smooth operations and nothing but uptime.

Minimize Maintenance

Keep operating expenses to a minimum with a future-proof tracker that features 95% fewer maintenance locations than motor-based trackers.