Seriously Simplified.

The Sunfolding T29™ Single-Axis Tracker

The Sunfolding T29 uses three components where traditional solar trackers use 21 (or more). The result? Install twice as fast and build a PV power plant that works harder and lasts longer. That’s simplicity at work.

The Sunfolding T29 tracks the sun using AirDrive™ technology, which puts proven materials and manufacturing methods to new use: motor-free solar tracking. It’s a simple idea that packs a powerful punch.


solar tracker system

Motor-Free and Easy

Three structural components + two bolt sizes = one fast install. The Sunfolding T29’s fewer components make for fewer steps in the field, and fewer mistakes. The other benefit of going motor-free? All posts site-wide are the same size. Watch your crew power through more MWs in less time. It is seriously that easy.


Powerfully Modular

The Sunfolding T29’s modular design introduces a new era of flexibility to power plant layout, bringing your project up to 20% more capacity and generating higher yield. Make the most of any piece of land. This is what solar trackers were meant to do. This is smarter solar.


Rugged and Reliable

Reliability is built-in to the Sunfolding T29, with components made from the most durable materials on the planet. Borrowed from marine and automotive applications, these time-tested materials have been vetted in conditions far harsher than what a solar power plant will ever see and set against standards with significantly higher safety requirements.

solar trackers with AirDrive

Simply Smoother

Reliability translates directly to higher uptime and smooth operations. What’s more, motor-free tracking eliminates 95% of a power plant’s maintenance locations. Ready to hear about our maintenance? Can you change an air filter? Fantastic. That’s our maintenance. Cost of ownership just got (even) lower.


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