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Tariffs got you down? Offset panel and steel price increases with duty-free air.

Gwen Rose

April 3, 2018


With the recent imposition of tariffs on imported solar modules and steel, there's a gray cloud hanging over the U.S. solar industry. As module and steel prices rise, and competitors are driven to lower quality to beef up balance sheets, Sunfolding answers that with built-in advantages: we do more with less, making Sunfolding's T29™ tracker inherently tariff-proofed. 

Here's why: a cascade of cost-saving benefits unfold from the core of our tracking technology breakthrough, the Sunfolding AirDrive™. The AirDrive entirely replaces steel-based, high-wear mechanical components — including the tracker motor and controls, torque tubes, and dampers, to name just a few — with the power and resilience of air springs. The same technology that stops heavy-load big rig trucks and glides trains through varied terrains, softly, swiftly, and precisely tracks the sun. Additionally, with fewer steel-based tracking components comes lighter and smaller posts with lower requirements for ground clearance, further reducing a project's overall steel load. 

The Sunfolding T29 drives down construction costs in a few other vital ways. By utilizing off-the-shelf components, used in industries with stringent reliability and safety requirements, installing the Sunfolding T29 is akin to a plug-n-play product. With three structural components and two bolt types, the Sunfolding T29 is engineered for simplicity and ease with a set-and-repeat installation. Crews can move fast with simplified logistics, fewer installation steps, and overall component simplicity. 

But, as the saying goes, that's not all. Our tracker row lengths are driven by electrical string size, meaning that partial rows are no longer partial. The Sunfolding T29 allows for any row length and fits neatly into tight corners, opening up greater layout flexibility and allowing for optimized yield versus capacity configurations and the possibility of fewer modules providing more power. 

Innovation is at the core of what Sunfolding does; we are on a mission to supply the solar industry with hassle-free power plant solutions that make a clean energy powered world a reality, despite the ever-shifting winds of policy and politics. Learn how we are shining the sun on American automotive manufacturing and further tariff-proofing our product.