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Expanding the boundaries of where solar can go.


Sunfolding envisions a world where solar is simple, ubiquitous, and the most economical choice. When solar trackers first appeared, they moved the industry forward, yielding higher ROI and energy. Yet they were powered by motors that introduced a level of complexity in the field and on the books. 

Sunfolding solves tracker complexity. The AirDrive™ gets us there. The Sunfolding T29 ™, powered by the AirDrive, is a horizontal single-axis tracker that delivers improved economics, higher performance, and greater reliability for stakeholders across the solar value chain. We are talking about increasing project capacity and yield without adding costs, installations that happen 2-3x faster, and maintenance-free operations. Yes, maintenance-free tracking. Well, nearly maintenance-free. Can you change an air filter? Great! That’s our maintenance. That’s how you shift the world's energy source to sunshine. 

We know that the best solutions trend towards simplicity and ease, which is exactly how we designed our tracker.