Come for the Technology. Stay for the People.

Know what the biggest predictor of job satisfaction is? It’s the people that work beside you.

  Our team dives deep, looking for solutions from many vantage points.

Our team dives deep, looking for solutions from many vantage points.

Calling all fellow innovators and problem solvers: we are looking for creative thinkers and doers to work beside us and propel our world forward.

Yes, it’s true that Sunfolding is building innovative trackers that are bringing the industry brighter and smarter solar solutions. But behind the technology is a deeply engaged team that values inquiry, integrity, and inclusivity.

Stronger Together

We approach every decision boldly, yet with curiosity in our step to shift our own perspectives and assumptions and build stronger solutions.

We know that ideas are stronger when there are diverse experiences backing them and bringing them to light. We also know that nothing quite quenches a workforce like a fridge stocked with every flavor of LaCroix. That’s why we are committed to creating a workplace that is fundamentally respectful and that offers various ways to fill your cup.

  Meaningful work, day-in, day-out.

Meaningful work, day-in, day-out.

Leading with LaCroix

Our leadership team is approachable and values every voice. You may, in fact, end up sitting directly across from the CEO. Or fall into a discussion on ____________ with our founder and CTO while popping open that _________-flavored LaCroix. You get to fill in the blanks!

Our leaders are part of the team, not just at the head of it. And they infuse our workplace with authentic positivity and a healthy dose of drive.

In Their Words

Sunfolders talk about our workplace as engaging, full of people who get excited about things and go deep on them. Sunfolders also have an energetic approach to problem solving, and we are working on solutions to serious global energy problems, connecting our employees to meaningful work that will give future generations a chance.

At Sunfolding, your ideas can seriously make a world of difference because we are working on solutions that have real impact.

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