Brilliantly Bankable.

Sunfolding is fueling the future of smart solar by designing simpler solar trackers that move our world forward. Our simply smarter approach infuses every decision we make. When we reimagined what a solar plant could look like and how it could perform, we knew that every step of the process – down to even the smallest component – had to be thought through to reduce risk across the board.

Here is how we get there: take a brilliantly simple solution, build it using a world-class supply chain, support it through a robust service network, and secure it with a warranty backed by an industry-leading warranty backstop.


Supply Chain


Our Partners Move the World

Our supply chain partners are behind some of the most dependable material applications in the world, including air brakes used in big rig trucks and suspension systems for trains and industrial lifts.

With our partners, we leverage materials and manufacturing processes with decades of operating experience.

  • AirDrive assembled by Tier 1 automotive manufacturer Martinrea

  • Material supplier: Dupont

  • Steel supplier: OmCo

Service Network


Keep Things Tracking

Our robust 3rd party service network through Bay4 Energy Services will help keep your project on track.

Motor-free tracking eliminates 95% of a power plant’s failure points, but should a need arise, Bay4 also provides lifetime access to spare parts. 

With more than 19 million operational hours, our fleet is showing >99.9% uptime. But don’t just take our word for it. Sunspec Alliance Monitoring and industry standard SCADA protocols give you access to real-time project performance data when you need it. Data transparency is just as important to us as it is to you.


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Backing You Can Trust

Our technology has been validated by third-party independent engineering firms and industry-leading government organizations alike, so you can rest assured that your power plant achieves ongoing operational safety and success.

With Tier-1 financial backing, a solid warranty, and optional backstop, you are covered for any eventuality.