Got land? Just build.

Sunfolding’s simple product design and ease of installation deliver distinct advantages to large-scale solar projects.

All projects benefit from Sunfolding’s ability to capture more low-cost energy, using only three structural components for faster construction and a lower cost of ownership.

On challenging sites affected by complex shapes, topography, or soil, Sunfolding enables you to minimize earthwork and anchor down faster with less steel, at no added cost due to site conditions.

Solar Anywhere.

Sunfolding variable length trackers enable customers to build on any site, regardless of size, shape or what’s beneath the surface. 

solar layout

Optimize site utilization

Variable length trackers enable efficient use of land.

Make project sites more buildable

Improve land acquisition strategies. Ease impacts of topography. Simplify permitting.

Expand the project pipeline

When you reduce risk in land acquisition and site evaluation, you can shorten the project development lifecycle and put more solar in the ground.

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Move less dirt

Civil costs tend to fluctuate more than any other costs from one project site to the next.

Shorter tracker segments in Sunfolding’s standard configuration reduce earthwork on all terrain types.

On ravine terrain, a 100MW project might require moving up to 1 million cubic yards of dirt. With Sunfolding, you could leave 700,000 YD³ alone.

Cut down on earthmoving with Sunfolding visualization

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Simplify your foundation design

Soil conditions can drive up the cost of foundations that anchor your projects to the ground. With lighter loads on each foundation, Sunfolding projects reduce embedment depth, use less steel, and do away with costly construction equipment.

Reduce loads

Actuators on every post reduce loads 3-5x.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk of post rejection with less weight on each foundation and lower embedment depths.