Introducing TopoTrack™

Learn how TopoTrack virtually eliminates earthwork while increasing capacity and speeding the install process.

Sunfolding expands the boundaries of where solar can go.

Increase capacity by 15% on average by working around water drainages and building right up to boundary lines.

Flatten costs, not land.

Reduce dirt moving by 80% or more with variable length tracker rows that can follow contours.

Solar. Anywhere.

The first wave of innovation optimized solar on flat land, proving it can be cost competitive in certain conditions. But access to flat land is limited.

The next wave for solar is profitability on complex terrain. To become the dominant source of energy, solar must be flexible enough to follow the hills and strong enough to stay rooted in difficult soils.

Conventional trackers are massive rigid structures that must be anchored deep in the ground. Using conventional trackers on complex terrain requires more drilling, moving dirt and leaving land undeveloped along site margins. All this erodes project economics.

By replacing mechanical linkages and steel with the proven power of air, Sunfolding created a tracker that retains its value and strength on virtually any terrain.

Instead of ruling out project sites due to size, shape, or what’s beneath the surface, Sunfolding expands the boundaries of where solar can go. Instead of flattening the land, Sunfolding flattens the cost of construction on complex terrain.

Solar can go anywhere now.

AirDrive solar tracker


Single-axis trackers can go on any project site with the simplicity of fixed-tilt solar. Sunfolding opens up the world of project design possibilities with simplified foundations, less steel, and more solar capacity per acre.


Sunfolding has projects planned, under construction and in operation across the country.

solar project map
solar project image


Whether projects are getting bogged down by site conditions, environmental issues, or plain old economics, we can reduce all complexity down to the simple idea that if you’ve got land, any land, you can build solar on it.


Sunfolding brings end-to-end vendor support from land acquisition and project design through construction scheduling and on-site logistics.

Solar construction site image

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