Meet the Sunfolding tracker

The Sunfolding T29 is designed and engineered from the ground up to provide stakeholders across the solar value chain with improved economics, increased performance, and better reliability at every step throughout the solar project lifecycle. Designed for projects 500kW and up. The ideal solution for your distributed generation and large utility-scale projects. 

  • Tracker length matched to electrical string size
  • Eliminates unwanted gaps from gearboxes and bearings
  • Fills irregularly shaped sites and adapts to steep grades 
  • No maintenance-prone motors, gearboxes, or linkages
  • Proven automotive materials made for extreme stress environments
  • Hundreds of years equivalent of accelerated testing 
  • Fixed tilt rails for fast module installation
  • Top mount clips with integrated grounding
  • Design allows for identical posts throughout the field 

T29 datasheet