Finally, the harvest power of a tracker with the ease of fixed tilt, brought to you by air.

Sunfolding's T29™ tracker features a smart, simplified, fixed-tilt-like design that installs faster than any traditional tracker.



The Power of Air to Simplify.

Sunfolding's AirDrive technology replaces motors, gears, dampers, batteries, grease and bearings with a single component primarily composed of air.

Sunfolding utilizes the simplicity of fixed tilt. By replacing high-wear steel parts with air, the Sunfolding T29 tracker enables solar infrastructure simplicity. Design, construct and operate better with the flexibility and ease of a fixed tilt plant.


Develop Any Site – Any Shape, Any Size.

The Sunfolding T29 can be installed anywhere a fixed tilt can go. Odd-shape sites and hard-to-reach corners are no challenge.

Construct with Fewer Parts, Fewer Tools, Fewer Hours.

The Sunfolding T29 has 3 unique structural components and two bolts, making installation a breeze. From the post to the purlins, tracker installations are once again as fast and easy as a fixed tilt plant.


Operate with Power & Simplicity

The Sunfolding T29 brings automotive reliability to solar. Our tracker uses automated manufacturing and the most durable materials on the planet – trusted in automotive, marine and train equipment to carry people and goods safely and reliably in the harshest conditions for decades. Solar plant owners can relax knowing their solar panels are moved by the Sunfolding AirDrive.