Tariffs got you down? Offset panel and steel price increases with duty-free air.

With the recent imposition of tariffs on imported solar modules and steel, there’s a gray cloud hanging over the U.S. solar industry. But the industry has weathered worse storms than this and it always finds ways to innovate and adapt. For our part, here’s how we have tariff-proofed the Sunfolding T29™ tracker:

  • The Sunfolding AirDrive™ replaces steel with air
  • Our manufacturing and supply chain partners are U.S. based, allowing us to cost-effectively deliver product to the most active markets across the country

More importantly, the Sunfolding T29 was designed from the ground up to simplify solar power plants and give customers the most capacity at the lowest cost. The Sunfolding T29 has the smallest pixel size on the market and works in ground mount applications for projects of any shape or any size. What does that mean? It means you can layout tracker rows with only 10 modules if you want to fill in a tight corner. Or 1000 modules in row. It’s all the same to us. This flexibility in site layouts doesn’t come with added costs; for Sunfolding there is no such thing as “partial tracker rows”. Contact Sunfolding to learn more about how your projects can save today.